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Brass Sextet (2017, rev. 2020)

composed July 2017, revised 2020

Premiere: Oberlin Conservatory Brass Sextet - March 13, 2022

In three movements:

I. Hymn

II. Ballad

III. Lively


2 trumpets, 2 horns, trombone and tuba


8 minutes

This brass sextet, modeled after Philip Glass' early composition (1962/1964) of the same name, is set in three distinct movements. The first, Hymn, is a solemn chorale which explores the blending qualities of the brass instruments. The second, Ballad, is a slow and tranquil tune which features solos across the entire ensemble. The third and final movement, Lively, is a bouncy and light scherzo in an American style with recurrent fanfare motives.

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