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Concerto (2017-2018, rev. 2021)

for Violin and Small Ensemble

Composed December 2017 - February 2018, revised January 2021

Original version premiere: 

March 21, 2018 at TCU by violinist Kirill Raskolenko and the composer conducting

Revised version premiere:

February 26, 2021 by Christine Wu, violin; MSM Camerata Nova; Kyle Ritenauer, conductor

12 Minutes

Program Notes:

Anxiety resides in the life of every college student for various reasons. At the time I was composing this concerto, I was facing uncertainty about the future and what would come next in my personal life and career. The entire first part sums up these feelings perfectly; the cadenza is presented with a feeling of uncertainty and the atonal violin line is the feeling of depression, with a brooding accompaniment from the ensemble, occasionally presenting feelings of calm and reflection. 

We get to the second section, which is more upbeat and cheerful and which reminds us to enjoy the better and fun things in life. Amusing and Stravinsky-esque in nature, it features both the soloist and ensemble engaged in lighthearted melodic interplay, which serves as an optimistic look to the first part. The first part returns in the middle section, albeit more at peace than the first time around. A reprise of the allegro and a thrilling coda brings it all full circle, and triumphs over the painful feeling of the first half of the composition.


This concerto was written especially for the soloist Kirill Raskolenko and is also dedicated to him.

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Revised Version:
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