Symphony No. 4 'Strange Time' (2019-2021)

for wind ensemble

composed July - September 2019, rev. 2021

*2022 ASCAP Foundation Morton Gould Young Composer Awards - Honorable Mention


Premiere: originally scheduled for May 2020, postponed indefinitely

Grade 5 on the Instrumental Grading Scale

20 minutes in 5 movements


Program note:

I have always been fascinated with the idea of time travel and space and how it could be depicted in a musical composition. Thus, when it came time to compose my 4th symphony, I knew what I would write about. The form of the composition and use of the wind band in general is inspired by the great 4th symphony of David Maslanka, who I had the good fortune of working with briefly in February 2017, and who is my primary inspiration when it comes to wind band music. The piece is anchored by a recurrent brass chorale, which appears in the first movement and 'time travels' throughout the piece, affecting music events around it, like a musical 'butterfly effect' . Each of the movements depicts a journey through time and space, culminating with a trip into an event horizon. The last movement, expansive and in the vein of Mahler' s 'Das Abschied' (from Das Lied von Der Erde), reminds us that time is fleeting and comes to an end eventually.

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Symphony No. 4 'Strange Time'Quinn Mason
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