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Sonata for Tuba and Piano 'Darkplace' (2019, rev. 2021)


composed November-December 2019, rev. 2021

13 minutes


Dedicated to and premiered by Evan Zegiel, tuba

Program notes:

This tuba sonata was a unique and interesting challenge, both from a compositional and philosophical standpoint. The piece was born out of an unusually introspective time in my life, one where I was reflecting on my life and career so far in a not so positive way. It also so happens that a member of my high school band had passed away very suddenly around this time; he was a tubist and it struck me in particular because he was younger than me with his life ahead of him, but just like that....he was gone. Thus the subtitle, 'Darkplace'. I knew I wanted to write a piece of music that encapsulated these feelings perfectly and I wanted to use an unusual instrument to convey these thoughts. Compositionally, I've never written for the tuba in a solo context like this, so here was a chance to explore the different colors and capabilities of this expressive instrument. Thus, I was really pleased when I received this commission from Evan Zegiel, a good friend of mine and an enthusiastic champion of my music since we were both met at the Brevard Music Center in 2018. This sonata is dedicated to Evan with the utmost respect and admiration.

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