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Two Fleeting Daydreams (2015, rev. 2017/2020)

for Clarinet, Violin and Piano

*First place winner of Voices of Change Texas Young Composers Project, 2016

Composed November 2015

Premiered May 8, 2016 by Voices of Change

I. Lights that fire up the sky...
II. Sanic Fast


Program note:

'Two Fleeting Daydreams' are two pieces for piano, violin and clarinet that describe my somewhat strange musical thoughts at the time I composed them. These pieces were composed fairly quickly (and when I say quickly, I mean an hour) between classes during my time at Richland College.  The first movement makes me think of fireworks on Chinese New Year, especially with the use of the pentatonic scale and 'illuminations' in the different instruments in the ensemble. The second movement is a fast and furious musical impression of the (now defunct) internet meme 'Sanic', whose catchphrase is 'must proceed at a high velocity' (which also happens to be the tempo marking for this movement).

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