Irish Dance Suite (2016, rev. 2017/2019)

for String Orchestra

Composed May - June, 2016, revised 2017/2019, in 4 movements

15 Minutes



Mission Chamber Orchestra; Emily Ray conducting - September 21, 2019

Program Notes:

I conceived the idea for the Irish Dance Suite when one day, out of curiosity, I checked out a Mary O’Hara (a singer of traditional Irish music) album from my school’s library. I remember listening to it and going, ‘Hmm. These themes are very catchy. They would work well in a suite together!’ Designed after the string suites of Holst and in 4 movements, some popular forms of traditional Irish dance are represented including the jig, the slip jig and the reel. The piece utilizes 4 traditional Irish tunes (Wind that Shakes the Barley, Drops of Brandy, Reel with the Beryle and Haigh Didil Dum), and the rest of the themes are original compositions.

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