Music for Orchestra

Inner City Rhapsody for Orchestra (2018-2019)

Reflection on a Memorial for String Orchestra (2020)

Passages of Joy for Orchestra (2017, rev. 2018)

Overture to 'The Guy Who Thought He Knew Everything' for orchestra (2016/2020)

Heroic Overture (Overtura Eroica) for orchestra (2017-2018)

Symphony in A-Flat Major "The Quiet Girl" for Orchestra (2012-2013/2014-17)

Symphony No. 1 "The Struggle" in G Minor for Orchestra (2007/2014)

A Joyous Trilogy for Orchestra (2019, rev. 2021)

Irish Dance Suite for String Orchestra (2016, rev. 2019)

Yellow Incandescent Glaring Bouncy Sunshine for Orchestra (2018)

Toast of the Town - Overture for orchestra (2016-2020)

Symphony No. 3 "Bridges of Dallas" for Orchestra (2017)

Symphony No. 2 in E Minor  for Orchestra (2015-2016)

Christmas Eve Festivities for orchestra (2015-16/rev. 2020)

Nena - Ballet in one act for large orchestra (2018/2020)

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