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Svítání (2020-2021)

for String Orchestra

Composed April - September 2020, rev. April 2021

Written for the MusicaNova Orchestra


Scored for String Orchestra (min. 6/6/4/4/2).

15 - 16 Minutes

in two movements



MusicaNova Orchestra; the composer conducting - May 14, 2021

Subsequent performances:

Phillips Academy Andover Chamber Orchestra; Dr. Derek Jacoby conducting - November 14, 2021 (east coast premiere)

MusicaNova Orchestra; Warren Cohen conducting - April 10, 2022

Berks Sinfonietta; Dr. David McConnell conducting - February 10, 2024

Program Note:

Svítání is a Czech word, which means 'Sunrise' or 'Dawn'. The overall message of this composition is rebirth and renewal, which can relate  to the title as the birth of a new day or time. The composition itself was born out of time of great struggle and uncertainty for everyone, which is reflected in the first movement as a calm yet tension filled meditation. The second movement is in a similarly meditative feel, but triumphs this time, ending quietly in introspection like the breaking of dawn on a still and tranquil morning. With this piece being written about such a tumultous time, the overall message is that we are leaving an old chapter and beginning a new, fresh one, one that will hopefully lead us to better days ahead.

The composition was also similarly inspired by a 1973 painting of the same name by the Czech artist František Malý.


This piece is dedicated with sincere gratitude to Warren Cohen and the MusicaNova Orchestra, who I wrote this composition for.

For score and part rental:

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Painting by František Malý that inspired the composition:



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